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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

When it comes to replacing bathroom vanities, many homeowners prefer to do the work themselves. The only skills you need for vanity installation are basic carpentry, making it the perfect home DIY project. DIYing your vanity saves you on installation and labour costs. Plumbers charge between $160 to $550for vanity replacements, depending on the complexity […]

How to Clean Timber Floors Correctly: A Complete Guide

timber floors concept

Hardwood floors are popular for their timeless feel, but their appearance can be hard to maintain. Wood flooring is susceptible to damage, from stains to buckling if not correctly cared for. Most of these problems are due to moisture. Moisture can come from leaking appliances, high humidity and improper acclimation, among others. But what many […]

Decking Decisions: Timber Decking vs Composite Decking, Which is Better?

Wooden deck

As you plan the deck of your dreams, one of the key decisions you have to make is choosing the type of decking to use. Two of the most common options are timber and composite decking. Since your deck is a long-term investment that you’ll be enjoying for decades to come, it’s crucial to understand […]

Engineered Timber Flooring’s Benefits Over Traditional Solid Timber Floors


The manufacturing of engineered flooring is designed to be more resource efficient using up to 2/3 less of our valuable timber resource when compared to solid timber floors. Engineered floors are usually pre-finished and ready to walk on when installed. The manufactured construction method is considered dimensionally more stable than solid timber flooring and this […]

Cladding: What It Is and Why It’s a Great Way to Finish a Home

Cladding is a great way to give a property a beautiful finish. It is done by placing materials, such as bricks, cement or wood, over the exterior walls to protect them from moisture and other harsh weather elements. The right choice of cladding materials can help increase the house’s kerb appeal, giving it a refreshed […]