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Check Out Our Bathroom Display Centre in Melbourne

Are you uncertain about the design that you want for your bathroom? If you’re searching for expert advice, Tile Importer has a Bathroom Display Centre and award-winning in-house Interior Decorator to address all your needs. As your one-stop shop for both bathroom products and design advice, we’ll create a dream bathroom plan at a price […]

Choosing a Reliable Timber Supplier for Your Project

When it comes to planning for your next project, the materials you use help determine its aesthetics and functionality. Timber is a material frequently used in construction projects for its beauty, versatility and longevity. Whether used in building a house, a piece of furniture or an interior accessory, timber is highly regarded for its functionality […]

Engineered Wood: Benefits and Types

Any type of timber can be an excellent investment, as it adds a natural beauty and classic charm to your property. This material can be transformed into structures, furnishings or accessories. The best part is that timber is sustainable, minimising your impact on the environment. Initially round, sawn and split before being used for construction, […]

Choose Timber Like a Pro with Tile Importer

Tile Importer is your one-stop shop for all your timber needs. Located in Melbourne, our timber shop has been serving builders, architects, designers and even homeowners with great DIY ideas since 1966. Our shop offers an extensive range of timber, including jarrah, treated pine, cypress pine, Oregon pine, Merbau and spotted gum. If you want […]