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Need to replace your laundry sink? Maybe you want to completely remodel your laundry?

Whether you are a DIY homeowner, home builder or contractor, Tile Importer can help. If you need cabinets, accessories, a new sink taps or even your washing machine, tiling or other supplies, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Display Centre and chat to our in-house interior designer about the layout and products that will create a laundry you’ll love.

Tile Importer has all the laundry fixtures and supplies required, whether you are repairing or replacing an existing laundry, or building a whole new home. Moreover, we love helping our clients select products to create a laundry they will love. At Tile Importer you can be sure you will get the laundry supplies you need to achieve your result, at the best possible price.

When planning your next building project, please send us your enquiry so we may assist you.