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Cladding ultimately determines the final appearance of your home. It also offers protection from rain, harsh sunlight, chemical pollution, humidity, strong winds and mould.

From timber weatherboards and tongue-and-grooved cladding, to cement sheet weatherboards and Weathertex cladding, Tile Importer offers a broad selection of cladding materials that cater for all exterior styles, from quaint and colonial to sleek and modern. Our timber cladding panels in Melbourne have been carefully handpicked to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices.

All cladding options can be quickly and easily installed to add the final touch of personality to your renovation and building projects. Our timber weatherboards are also suited to Melbourne conditions, offering optimum durability, practicality and long-lasting quality.

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Still undecided about the cladding materials that you want to use for your project? Head over to our display centre to view a wide range of designs, sizes and options for external timber cladding in Melbourne. We also provide personalised advice to help you choose the best materials for your building requirement.

Feel free to send through an email enquiry for details of our full range, or come on-site to browse our selection of cladding options firsthand.

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