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The right insulation can save you money in energy costs. It can also keep your home or building at a more comfortable temperature year round. Insulating materials can be used in attics, ceilings, crawl space, and wall cavities. Whether you are using insulation for a new construction or to renovate an older building. Tile Importer stocks polyester insulation batts from Polyester Solutions and the popular Earthwool Brand insulation bats. We also carry rolls of sisalation in perforated, medium and heavy duty along with fixings and Concertina Foil Batts.

All our insulation solutions are specially designed to provide a safe, efficient and effective form of thermal and acoustic insulation for Australian properties. They can also be quickly and easily installed in any building or renovation project.

If you’re not sure which insulation choice is suitable, come and talk to us in our Design Centre. Our friendly team can also advise you whether you need to add more than one type of insulating barrier, or which type will save you the most energy. We can also help you figure out just how much you need in order to get the job done. And best of all, you can be sure of a great Tile Importer price.


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Polyester Solutions Wallblock Accoustic Info Sheet      Polyester Solutions Polybatts Info Sheet      Polyester Solutions MSDS



When planning your next building project, please send us your enquiry so we may assist you.