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The quality of the tiles supplied by Tile Importer is of paramount importance to our brand. Our customers have come to expect nothing short of a wide selection, superb quality, and highly competitive pricing.

Tile Importer supplies tiles for flooring, splash backs, shower enclosures and decorative walls. The many builders and homeowners who trust us for their tile supply applaud our consistency and overall tile quality.

Big box home improvement stores offer generic styles and materials that are too commonly seen in homes, and provide no originality. Tile Importer’s customers can browse our inventory online (with our help), make their selection, order it in store, and pick it up (or get it delivered) the within a few days. How simple is that?  Whatever style you are looking for we aim to cover the entire spectrum. Be sure to check Tile Importer’s range before you order anywhere else.

When planning your next building project, please send us your enquiry so we may assist you.