With greater mindfulness towards the environment, many DIY homeowners and builders are considering timber alternatives for cladding their homes. If you are looking to save energy and have a beautiful exterior, come to cladding suppliers Melbourne, Tile Importers. We offer:

Timber Cladding

For a traditional look, at Tile Importers cladding suppliers Melbourne we provide regular timber cladding made from timber weatherboard that is deemed sustainable from PEFC certified state forest or hardwoods, or that come from controlled sources. With timber weatherboarding you have the advantage of:

  • Easy installation.
  • Cutting with standard woodworking tools.
  • Ability to cut or saw indoors.
  • Natural look that is also good for the planet.

Composite Cladding

Made from recycled material, composite cladding is an environmentally-friendly and sustainable choice. Tile Importers cladding suppliers Melbourne offers a full range of composite cladding choice in a variety of styles, colors, lengths and finishes. Advantages of composite cladding are:

  • Low maintenance with no painting required.
  • Available in many colours and with different finishes.
  • Very cost effective.
  • Some composite cladding offers to weatherproof too.

Cement Cladding

For the strongest weather resistance and low maintenance, consider Primabase cellulose fibre reinforced cement cladding. As one of the top cladding suppliers Melbourne, we offer a range of sizes to meet any construction need. Cement fiber cladding can be finished to achieve a solid masonry look and is compatible with a variety of texture coating systems. Moreover, Primabase is:

  • CSIRO tested for termite resistance
  • Does not rust or rot.
  • Fungus resistant.
  • Lightweight.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Is structurally sound with good bracing ability.
  • Is fire resistance and tested as non-combustible by the BCA.

Ready to start your project? With a wide variety of choices and a staff of experts to help you choose, Tile Importers cladding suppliers in Melbourne should be your first stop for cladding supplies.

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