DIY Timber Furniture: The Affordable Alternative to Buying One for Your Home

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If you wish to spruce up your space, adding timber furniture is a wonderful idea. A wood coffee table or a desk can dramatically change the look of a room, giving it a warm and natural feel.

But not everyone has the budget for new furniture. Plus, it’s challenging to find the exact furniture piece you want in terms of colour, style, and quality.

If buying new furniture is not an option for you, why not create the piece yourself? With a few tools and some spare time, you can DIY your timber furniture. Apart from being the affordable option, the build-your-own-furniture route also gives you control over your project since you can choose the type of timber, stain or paint you want.

Selecting Timber for DIY Projects

Start your DIY project with material selection. Consider the following when choosing your timber:

  • The type of wood. Different kinds of wood for furniture (both softwood and hardwood) offer a unique set of characteristics that bring varying degrees of emphasis, warmth, and beauty to surrounding decor.
    • Jarrah is a unique Australian hardwood renowned for its versatility. Its durability and strength make it an ideal timber for a range of structural and design applications, with timbers that display colours ranging from deep red to blonde.   Whilst a very hard timber its look and finish will add so much class to your design.
    • The generic term Hardwood in Australian is also often referred to as Victorian Ash or Tasmanian Oak.     Victorian Ash is either of the species  Eucalyptus regnans or Eucalyptus delegatensis and as the name suggests are grown here in Victoria.   You guessed it, if grown in Tasmania its called Tasmanian Oak and the actual species are usually Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua or Eucalyptus delegatensis.   We stock a large range of dimensions of this versatile and relatively economical Australian Hardwoods to make your perfect furniture statement.
    • American Cherry is moderately hard, durable, and strong. It is a very popular wood material for furniture because of its attractive and distinctive straight grain. We carry a large range in skip dressed so not perfectly finished like the Victorian Ash or Jarrah  but it will add loads of character to your project.
  • The boards. Check your boards before you purchase. Refrain from buying boards with large knots and cracks. If you like knots, go ahead and buy the board, but keep in mind that knots are difficult to work with. Sight down the faces and edges of the boards and reject those that are crooked, twisted and beyond repair.

Start Simple with Your Project

Although it’s tempting to build an intricate dresser, start simple for your first project. Unless you’re an experienced carpenter, you need to hone your rudimentary carpentry skills first. You must learn how to do accurate measurements, cut straight lines and join pieces of wood. Build a simple DIY timber project like a coffee table or computer desk.

Before you start building your coffee table, take photos of a table that you wish to create. Print copies with images to write the dimensions and measurements. Doing so can help you visualize how your pieces will fit together.

Also, have an idea of how much timber and supplies you’ll need. Prepare a list of supplies and head to Tile Importer Timber Merchant to get costings for your DIY coffee table (or timber computer desk).

Enhance your space with furniture you built. A simple DIY timber desk or table can add warmth to any room in your home.

Get started with your project with Tile Importer Pty Ltd. Find the materials you need at our store today!

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