Engineered Timber Flooring’s Benefits Over Traditional Solid Timber Floors


The manufacturing of engineered flooring is designed to be more resource efficient using up to 2/3 less of our valuable timber resource when compared to solid timber floors. Engineered floors are usually pre-finished and ready to walk on when installed. The manufactured construction method is considered dimensionally more stable than solid timber flooring and this enables quicker installation with less site related trades to complete the flooring installation. This delivers lower overall supply & installation cost when compared with solid timber flooring. No messy sanding and floor coating to worry about. Generally,  engineered timber floors will have a shorter installation period making them an ideal choice for both renovation and new home construction.

Quality Flooring Without Excess Waste

The unique construction method allows for more precise drying and sorting of the wear layer (visual surface), this provides better visual selection for grade and eliminating obvious naturally timber characteristics such as very large knots & splits etc. For solid timber flooring the whole length & thickness has to be dried and graded which generally results in a much higher waste from the original timber resource. Engineered Timber Flooring only uses the high-quality timber where it’s needed & that’s on the surface. The core construction is typically manufactured from either a plywood substrate or from a 3 Layer construction (refer images). These core materials are highly stable providing a lower cost base core that are securely bonded onto the visual wear layer. These visual wear layers will vary in thickness from, 2, 3, 4 & 6 mm, the thickness variations are all pitched at different budgets and for varying interior decors. All wear layer thicknesses from 2 mm & up can be professionally refurbished throughout the normal lifecycle of the floor.

Natural timber resources have become more restricted in availability in recent years creating much higher demand for engineered flooring. Wide spread use of engineered flooring is now evident in residential, multi-residential & commercial fit-outs.

Easy Floor Maintenance

Due to advanced sanding technology, all engineered floors can be refurbished throughout their normal lifecycle and will provide many decades of quality performance & appearance. Care & maintenance of your floor is a vital requirement to maximise the visual pleasure that comes with specifying a  natural timber flooring product in your next project. On-going maintenance includes regular sweeping with a soft bristle broom to remove grit & dust from the surface and the use of specialised PH neutral cleaning solutions.    Please avoid using ‘off the shelf’ generic supermarket floor cleaning solutions as they may contain harmful & abrasive chemicals that will damage the surface coating of your pre-finished engineered floor.

The two popular methods of engineered construction include, Multi-ply & 3 Layer. Both manufacturing methods of construction have proven to be highly reliable over many decades of use.

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