Kitchen Renovation Ideas

When you are renovation, you might wonder which kind of renovation will best give you a return on your investment. Inevitably, statistics show that kitchens are your best remodeling choice to increase the value of your home. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas:

Colour in Kitchen Renovations

Whether you want new cabinets or to paint your walls, you might want to try using colour in a different way. Check out these current trends:

  • Grey painted cabinets matched with rich wood-toned walls or moulding.
  • Classic white cabinets with black appliances and countertops.
  • Unique, eye-catching colour pops on walls, counter, or sink.
  • Tile on walls or floor that are light and dark contrast.

Functional Kitchen Renovation

One important design tip is to make sure that you get not just style, but also a better functioning kitchen. Consider:

  • Doors that close completely flat.
  • Shelves that display dishes.
  • Oversized fixtures for excellent lighting.
  • Maximise storage by using multi-tiered drawers and drawer organisers.
  • Extra counter space or an island.

Cost Savings in Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation doesn’t have to be budget-busting. Tile Importers offers excellent prices and budget-friendly kitchen appliances with showroom located in Melbourne to get the look you want. For example:

  • Using look-alike laminate granite countertops.
  • Use cheaper ceramic tiles that look like wood or slate.
  • Mix a few more expensive features like fixtures for focal points with less expensive cabinets.

Get Kitchen Kitchen Renovation Design Help

Maybe you have a dream kitchen in mind, or maybe you have more of a general idea that you want a modern, clean design or something traditional and homey. Either way, the Tile Importer’s Design Centre expert can help you make choices like cabinets, sink, faucet, lighting, countertops and flooring that will make your kitchen remodel not only a great investment, but your favourite room in the house.

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