Designing or remodelling a bathroom

Designing or remodelling a bathroom? Bathroom tile signals luxury. Better yet, benefits of tiles include: a huge range of style options, easy maintenance, durability, ease of installation and long lasting good looks. Here are some ways to use tile to create a beautiful bathroom:

Bathroom Tile for Walls

When you put tile on the walls, you help create a water-tight bathroom. Moreover, you can create a bath that looks bigger and feels more light and spacious. Here are design ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Instead of molding on top of floor tile
  • Half-way up the walls
  • Large tiles that extend from the shower to the walls.
  • Bathroom Tile for Floors
  • Use thinner muted blue glass tiles vertically to make a waterfall look.

Bathroom Tile for Showers

Shower tiles needs to be functional but it can also be beautiful and create an impressive and luxurious bathroom experience. Especially if you use glass shower doors, your shower tile can make your bathroom beautiful. Some of the most beautiful showers are made with glass tiles, or a combination of small glass tiles with larger ceramic tiles. Consider these top design trends:

  • Grey marble or stone tile.
  • Thin neutral tile in browns or grays.
  • One color of ceramic tile that is used for walls, floor and shower.
  • A strip of colored glass tiles around the shower.

Bathroom Tile Budget Tips

Even though tile makes your bathroom look high-end, it doesn’t have to be expensive. By using a repeated pattern, or ceramic that looks like wood or stone, you can reduce cost of your bathroom tile project without reducing your feeling of luxury. Not sure where to start? Come to the Design Center at Tile Importers to talk to our experts about your ideal bathroom, get ideas and see designs that can inspire you.


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